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Women in Forestry Friday, 26 February 2021 11:21

Women in Forestry

FRA President, Deb Hawkinson was joined by a great panel of women leaders in the forest products industry. Panelists discussed their backgrounds in the industry and the choices that led them to where they are today.
2020 Election Results and Implications Friday, 04 December 2020 11:12

2020 Election Results and Implications

The 2020 election results will have tremendous implications for FRA policy priorities in the nation’s capital. There will also be key changes in leadership on Congressional committees. Tim O’Hara, FRA Vice-President of Government Affairs, and Pat Rita, FRA Consultant, Orion Advocates, led this webinar and discussed the results of the 2020 Elections for the President, Senate, and House and what they mean for FRA members.
Will discussed communications highlights for the forest products industry, the story #forestproud has to tell, and insights around communicating post-COVID.

Steve and Brianna addressed Forest Opportunity Roadmap/Maine (FOR/Maine), a collaborative effort across the forest products industry, communities, state and federal government, and the University of Maine to identify ways to attract capital investment in Maine’s forest industry.

Martin kicked off on RoyOMartin’s business operations and where the company sits in the wider forestry landscape, and what he expects the future of the industry to be and RoyOMartin’s place in it. He provided an overview of recent forest resource supply & demand issues and various regulatory and legislative developments that currently impact the forest industry.
Forest Technology, from Seedling to Sawtimber Wednesday, 21 October 2020 04:17

Forest Technology, from Seedling to Sawtimber

From woods to mill, technology is changing the way we do business. Stephen Logan of F&W Forestry looked at some of the technologies used throughout the lifecycle of the forest to see what is here and what is on the horizon. Topics included UAV’s, artificial intelligence, electronic forms, and wood security.
Samsara is committed to increase the efficiency and safety of the operations that power our economy. Come learn how Samsara's complete platform supports fleet management, driver safety, and compliance, through plug and play hardware and managed through a centralized and intuitively designed dashboard.
The H-2B program was created by Congress to allow non-agricultural workers who were coming into the US to perform temporary work when there aren't enough qualified US workers available.
Bill Sullivan, Executive Vice President for Advocacy at the American Trucking Associations, spoke at the 2020 Fall Board meeting to discuss the current state of highway infrastructure, including its condition and the impacts of growing congestion on motorists and the trucking industry. Sullivan talked about efforts to increase federal truck size and weight limits and address the truck driver shortage.
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