Safety Alerts
Very early in the morning on a clear, cool fall day in the Appalachians, a triaxle haul truck operator was unloading his load at a woodyard.
On a clear summer morning in the Southeast, a skidder was moving a loader from one log deck to another. The terrain was level.
On a cloudy, cool, fall morning in the Appalachians, a log truck driver had temporarily left the cab of his loaded triaxle log truck at the sloped landing of a harvesting operation.
On a sunny, warm, humid summer afternoon in the Northeast, the owner of a self-loading log truck was loading tree trimmings from a power line maintenance operation. The operator was performing the trimming operation as a contractor for an electric power company.

BACKGROUND: On a spring afternoon in the Appalachians, an independent mechanic shop owner was adjusting the air brakes on a dump truck owned by a logging contractor. The mechanic asked for help from the owner of the logging company.

BACKGROUND: On a clear, summer afternoon in the Southeast, a skidder was pulling a knuckleboom loader along a narrow, level woods road, so the loader could be connected to a truck during moving operations.

BACKGROUND: On a clear, dry, summer day in the South, an equipment operator was moving a skidder from one end of an old, abandoned woodyard to another. The terrain was flat, and the skidder operator was following an existing, old road.

BACKGROUND: On a summer morning in the Southcentral U.S., an equipment operator was felling a natural pine stand with a feller-buncher. The terrain was level, and weather conditions were dry and sunny, with a light wind. There was a moderate level of underbrush in the timber stand.


On a fall day in the Appalachians, a truck driver was clearing the loose bark and wood debris off his log trailer at a mill woodyard before pulling out to the public highway. Conditions were wet.


On a fall day in the Appalachians, a log truck driver was unbinding his load at a mill’s woodyard. The wood was loaded below the log trailer standards, and the driver released the tension on the tiedown straps and unhooked the flat hooks.

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