On a sunny day in New Zealand, an incident occurred while operating a swing yarder at a landing, resulting in a tower collapse.
On a winter afternoon in the Appalachians, a log truck driver was collecting his load ticket from the knuckleboom loader operator. The area around the log deck was level, but the ground was frozen.

On a clear, summer morning in the Appalachians, a logging crew was harvesting hardwood timber in rolling terrain. The logging crew had parked a service truck on the edge of the log deck as usual when they arrived in the morning.

On an early winter evening in the Lake States, a log truck had finished delivering pulpwood to a paper mill. The driver was 20 miles south of the delivery location when the accident occurred.
On a sunny summer day in the Pacific Northwest, three timber cutters were felling hemlocks with chain saws. Their employer was subcontracted to do hand falling of timber.
On a winter morning in the Appalachians, a timber cutter was felling timber in a clear-cut harvest. The terrain on this tract varied with elevation and the crew decided to harvest some of the steeper terrain by means of conventional hand-felling and dozer with a cable winch.
On an average spring day in the Pacific Northwest, a three-man rigging crew was logging buncher piles on a flat area below an 80% slope near a riparian management area.
In May 2018, the operator of a steep slope machine on a two-line tethered logging system had a near-miss when one of the cables broke at the connection socket after it was damaged during base machine repositioning.
In the summer of 2018 in the Pacific Northwest, a processor operator with ten years of experience died when the delimbing arms and feed rolls of the processor head he was repairing closed suddenly, crushing him.
On a dry summer morning in the Appalachians, a log trucker was binding down a load of pine pulpwood at the landing.