On a wet winter day in the Appalachians, a forwarder operator was loading his machine in the woods. The tract was a clearcut of predominantly pulpwood on gently rolling, mountainous terrain.

On a sunny summer day in the Appalachians, a timber cutter was working in timber that had an enormous amount of underbrush from past ice damage and was being selectively harvested and skidded a long distance to the landing.

BACKGROUND: On a fall day in the Appalachians, a logger was performing maintenance on the sawbar of his feller-buncher.

BACKGROUND: On a winter morning in the Southeastern U.S., a log truck driver was unstrapping a load of logs at a woodyard’s unbinding station.

BACKGROUND: On a sunny, spring afternoon in the Appalachians, a triaxle truck operator was unloading at a woodyard. To shorten his unloading time, the woodyard’s rubber tired unloader, rather than the triaxle’s truck-mounted knuckleboom, was unloading the wood.

BACKGROUND: On a spring day in the Southeast, a woods worker was operating a side-by-side utility four-wheeler delivering trees to a planting crew. Conditions were wet following a recent spring rain shower. The crew was using the utility vehicle to save walking time from a staging area to the planting site.

BACKGROUND: On a hot, dry, dusty late spring day in the Appalachians, a tractor-trailer full of sawlogs was being unloaded at the local log yard. The yard was flat and concreted.

BACKGROUND: On a sunny summer morning in the Northeast, a feller-buncher operator and a fellow employee prepared to complete a minor repair on the feller-buncher. The fellow employee was also an equipment operator but was the designated welder for the small mechanical logging company.

BACKGROUND: On a sunny summer day in the Northeast, a forester noticed an employee of a contractor cutting a piece of steel plate for repairs to equipment at the contractors’ garage. The accompanying illustration is based on a photo taken by the forester. What’s wrong with this picture?

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