Value Assessment of “Certified” Logger Programs


In the year 2000, loggers through the American Loggers Council set out to create a third-party, auditable set of standards and a certification program that holds to account the business and on-the-ground practices of loggers who hold the certificate.  The ALC Master Logger Certification Program demands compliance with Seven Areas of Responsibility that ensure environmental protection, forest sustainability, and business accountability. Other certified logger programs include the Minnesota Master Logger Certification Program and the Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands Program.  These programs are not to be confused with the common state logger training programs that many people involved in forestry are familiar with.  In late March 2018 WSRI contracted with James W. Sewall Company to explore the value proposition of these programs.

Certified Master Logger Value Assessment RFP – Updated



WSRI_MasterLogger_Final Report

WSRI Directors Cut – Certified Logger Systems

Master Logger Presentation – Final