Compensation Indices for Logging and Trucking Occupations

by Shawn Baker and Brooks Mendell, Forisk Consulting

In response to concerns about the sustainability of logging production and the trucking workforce, the Wood Supply Research Institute (WSRI) commissioned research into the compensation for logging occupations compared to occupations competing for the same employee pools. This report investigates logging employee wages and benefits in four U.S. regions: the South, Northeast, Lake States, and West. Equipment operators in the woods and truck drivers employed by logging businesses are compared against competing industries in each region. This study can inform WSRI members on potential compensation-related factors affecting perceived shortages within the logging and trucking workforce and outline potential strategies for attracting and retaining employees.

KEY FINDINGS: Final ReportDirector’s IntroductionForisk Final WSRI Results Presentation, and FRA Technical Release 17-R-10 WSRI Logging Pay & Benefit Survey present data and conclusions.