Supplier-Consumer Relations Study

by Don Taylor, Sustainable Resource Systems LLC

The project collected data through personal and confidential face-to-face interviews with both wood supply contractors and wood procurement personnel participants, region-by-region, to identify factors that cause relationships to break down, including underlying causes. The study identified best practices that materially improve these business relationships.

These interviews also collected and prioritized “critical factors for success” that experienced logging and trucking professionals and contract business owners identified.

The project demonstrated how relationships and communication between procurement and suppliers impacted quantifiable wood costs, with dysfunctional relationships causing a 7% loss in productivity nationwide; identified practices that damage or improve relationships; and pointed to reasons why the current economic stresses in the supply chain may not “self-correct” with a recovering economy. The report calls for basic cultural change throughout the supply chain in order to create a lasting structural change in the system.

WSRI Supplier-Consumer Relations Project (Article; Forest Operations Review, Spring 2012); Supplier-Consumer Relations (PowerPoint; FRA Presentation 12-P-9); and Professional Wood Suppliers’ Top Five Factors for Success.

REGIONAL: A Report and Data Analysis are available for each of the six Regions the Study examined.rofessional Wood Suppliers

Lake States Region (Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin)

Mid-Atlantic Region (North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia)

Mid-South Region (Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana)

Northeast Region (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York)

Southeast Region (Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama)

Western Region (Oregon, Montana, Washington, California)