Why FRA Supports the DRIVE-Safe Act

  • The forest products industry ranks among the top 10 manufacturing sectors in 45 states and supports 2.4 million jobs through the supply chain.
  • The forest products industry relies on the transport of logs, chips, and biomass from the woods to the mill. Access to truck drivers is critical to supply mills with essential raw materials at competitive costs.
  • Hauling of logs are in the top 5 commodities in 15 states based on weight. In these states nearly 12 million individual truck deliveries are needed to supply fiber to support the forest products economy.
  • The Developing Responsible Individuals for a Vibrant Economy (DRIVE) Safe Act would create apprenticeships which train 18-21-year olds to drive trucks interstate.
  • Removes the single biggest regulatory barrier underlying the truck driver shortage; the recruitment of young drivers.
  • An apprenticeship program would be developed that addresses safety concerns of young drivers. This program comprises 400 hours, of which 240 hours must be drive time with an experienced driver.
  • The DRIVE-Safe Act allows young people with an interest in truck driving to become employed in jobs with good pay and benefits.