FRA Issue Update - 8/28/20

H-2B Guest Worker Visa Update

FRA continues its efforts to make sure employers of H-2B guest workers have access to forestry workers to perform work this year. This week, FRA reached out to consulate offices in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Nicaragua to provide them with information on the importance of H-2B guest workers for forestry work in the United States. The email correspondence is in response to the national interest exception guidance to the Presidential Proclamation (10014, 10052), suspending non-immigrant labor entry to the United States. Although individual H-2B applicants will be approved on a case-by-case basis, the email is intended to provide consular officers with information that will assist in adjudicating petitions for H-2B forestry workers. FRA has developed additional information to help employers of H-2B forestry workers, including a guidance document to assist employers who are requesting a national interest exemption and a one-pager that outlines the impacts if H-2B forestry workers are not allowed entry into the United States until after December 31, 2020.

Senate Democrats Release Climate Change Report

Senate Democrats released a 260-page climate change report that outlines their vision if they take control of the upper chamber in November. In a press release, Senate Democrats say the plan will reduce emissions rapidly to achieve 100 percent global net emissions no later than 2050, stimulate economic growth by increasing federal spending to at least two percent of the GDP ($430 billion annually), and provide 10 million new jobs. The plan is a companion to the House Democrats’ infrastructure plan, which disincentivizes highway expansion in favor of mass transit, rail, and public transportation. Without control of the Senate, the Senate climate change plan would become another in a series of Democratic messaging documents.

2020 Elections

With the 2020 elections quickly approaching, please join us on Thursday, September 10, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM (ET) for our Election Update webinar. Jim Ellis, Senior Political Analyst for BIPAC (Business-Industry Political Action Committee) and a 35-year veteran of politics at the state and national levels, will lead this webinar. He will provide an overview of how the 2020 elections are shaping up. Discussing the races for the presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives, Jim will go over what the polls are showing, historical context, and expectations for how it will end. Register for the webinar HERE.