Forestry - Related Employment: An Opportunity for Veterans and Reservists

Logging, log trucking, and other forest industry-related employers are concerned about availability of skilled personnel entering their workforce.  The community of Veterans and Reservists holds many likely prospects for entry-level employment, both because of these men and women’s skill sets and their broader character and experience profiles.

We would like to introduce the community of Veterans to forestry employment and what it may offer to transitioning Veterans’ career goals.  We would also like to draw forestry and logging employers’ attention to the potential of Veterans to fill out their teams.

employer 1    Resources for Logging and Forestry Employers


The Department of Labor’s concise summary of considerations and preparations advises Employers planning to reach out to Veterans.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s “Hiring Our Heroes” resource, with local event links.

Employers interested in forming a structured campaign to bring Veterans into their workforces may consider joining NAVSO, the National Association of Veteran-Serving Organization.

Institute for Veterans and Military Families (Syracuse University) guidance to employers

veteran 1 Resources for Job Seekers



What general resources are available?
The Department of Veterans Affairs has career & employment resources to help transitioning veterans assess their skills and acquaint them with job-seeking resources.

Potential employment contacts?
FRA's state-by-state listing of contacts for Veterans seeking logging or forest products trucking employment or advice on training opportunities.

Soldier for Life
Soldier for life is a U.S. Army program designed to help soldiers transition to civilian life and gain employment based on their exceptional training, critical skills sets, and proven talents that can be used in their local communities.

Soldier for Life Employment Resources

Our technology is behind the system configured to implement the Department of Labor’s industry apprenticeship programs by helping Employers successfully establish apprenticeships for the military community and providing actionable analytics to the DOL for continuous improvement.

FRA Resources

The Veteran-Ready Workplace: a Q&A

Veterans’ Military Experience and Skills Create Ideal Match for Fleets Seeking Drivers

Approaching the Veterans Community to Fill the Workplace Gap

Additional Resources

Veterati: Military to Civilian Transformation

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

Joining Community Forces