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Impact of Covid-19 on the Forest Products Industry

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Fly-In and Fall Board Meeting Pictures Wednesday, 18 September 2019 09:09

Fly-In and Fall Board Meeting Pictures

Earlier this week, FRA held its Fly-In and Fall Board Meeting in Washington, DC. Below are a few pictures of FRA members, guests and speakers at the event.
It is easy to celebrate National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week. What’s not to like? Truckers make our entire modern way of life possible! They bring us a bountiful variety of fresh food to urban and rural areas alike.
Hurricane season is here. The damage these powerful storms can cause to forestland is immense, and recent in our memories due to the devastation caused by Hurricanes Florence and Michael last year. More than $2 billion in timber loss was caused by Hurricane Michael alone. Everyone’s top priority in these catastrophic events is safety.
With a smartphone in almost everyone’s pocket, opportunities to use technology to improve the forest industry supply chain are growing.
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