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This week, the forest products industry celebrates two holidays of great importance: Earth Day which was yesterday, April 22nd, and Arbor Day which is tomorrow, April 24th.
Here at TEAM Safe Trucking, we are constantly working to deliver for those who continue to deliver for us, and our industry. As a country, we have been blindsided by this very dangerous virus known as COVID-19, which has turned how we work and live upside down.
As a follow-up to Deb’s recent blog, “Safety is a Core Value of the Forest Products Industry,” I decided to dig a little deeper into the safety data.
Safety is a core value of the forest products industry. Whether it’s workers in the mill, truck drivers hauling fiber, or loggers harvesting trees, we should make every effort to ensure that work environments are safe and that good, safety first, decisions are being made by owners and employees.
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