Why Join FRA?

The Forest Resources Association is the only national advocacy organization for wood supply chain companies including wood consumers, landowners, and suppliers. We focus on the safe, efficient, and sustainable harvest of forest products and their transport from woods to mill.


Capital 198FRA develops and implements means to defend and enhance the wood supply chain’s operating environment through federal public policy intervention by:

• Advocating for pro-forestry products policies that create jobs, sustain forest resources, and meet the needs of the wood fiber supply chain.

• Promoting the public policy interests of the forest products industry’s supply chain on Capitol Hill as a grassroots advocacy organization.

• Coordinating activities with state associations to be more effective in national policy efforts.


FRA is the national advocate of the wood fiber supply chain’s bottom line. We promote safe production, harvesting, and transportation of forest products, less regulation, and improving the efficiency of the wood supply chain. Additionally, the participation of loggers, trucking companies, landowners, mills, and other suppliers at regional and national meetings provides the best business-to-business relationship building in the industry.


joinfra3On the ground, FRA members and staff ensure a robust dialogue on the industry’s critical issues. Our members say identifying supply chain challenges, facilitating the conversation, and developing a consensus on federal public policy are the most valuable parts of membership. No other association provides the scope of FRA to convene the most important discussions. FRA’s broad membership, from the forest to the mill, enables us to advocate on Capitol Hill for the most effective public policy that promotes the cost effectiveness of the wood supply chain.


joinfra2Regional meetings across the country enable your company to drill down on the most important business factors. From transportation issues in Appalachian states to tracking fiber and biomass supply trends in the Pacific Northwest, member companies learn about policy and operations improvements in real time across six regions.

The industry leaders in wood fiber supply engage actively in FRA. Your partners, competitors, and potential clients are likely involved.

joinfra1Although company growth opportunities, technical resources, and supply chain representation are the most popular benefits, each business values something different and unique. You may also appreciate:

Access to the most urgent safety updates and more than 30 publications and training videos.

Participation in workforce development enhancement via the FRA job board.

Under FRA’s national umbrella, six regions address specific issues through regulatory updates, operational innovations, Wood Supply Chain Relationship Workshops, and information sharing on best practices on safety.
Receiving “members only” communications, including our Quarterly Review, Issue Updates, and Blogs.
Extended support for government affairs representation, updating your company on public policy when offense or defense is necessary.