The Mission of the Forest Resources Association is to promote the interests of forest products industry members in the economical, efficient, and sustainable use of forest resources in order to meet the needs of the wood fiber supply chain through private enterprise.

leafbullet Forest products industry members include all segments of the wood fiber supply chain, including landowners, land managers, wood suppliers, wood procurement organizations, manufacturers, and those who support them with products and services.

leafbullet FRA will manage, reduce, or eliminate health, safety, security, regulatory, environmental and economic risks inherent in the harvest, transportation, and processing of wood products.

leafbullet FRA will support the transfer of leading edge fiber supply methods and technology to support members’ outgoing competitiveness and their continuous improvement in harvesting, transportation, safety, BMP’s, and environmentally sound forestry.

leafbullet FRA will study and benchmark the capabilities of the wood fiber supply chain’s global competition.

leafbullet FRA will promote and proactively ensure the right to continue sustainable wood fiber harvest.

leafbullet FRA will recognize excellence through award programs.

leafbullet FRA will take the lead in monitoring and intervening with federal regulation or legislation affecting independent contractor relationships, timber harvesting safety, and in-bound forest products transportation.

leafbullet FRA will publish high-quality information that furthers fulfillment of its Mission.

leafbullet FRA will provide strong, viable, and productive Regional Divisions.

leafbullet FRA will remain member-driven, results-oriented and cost-effective.

leafbullet FRA will promote the practice of sustainable forestry.

leafbullet FRA will encourage the utilization of credible forest certification systems.

Forest Resources Association (FRA)
1901 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 303, Washington, DC 20006
FRA National office telephone: 202/296-3937