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Rep. Rick Crawford (Arkansas-1)

Representative Rick Crawford represents Arkansas’ First District, encompassing large portions of the Ozark Foothills in Arkansas, and the Delta region of East and Southeast Arkansas. His legislation, the STRAW Act, would reform the guestworker program for agriculture to make it workable for producers and to provide a flexible workforce to meet the needs of industries reliant on seasonal labor; it is closely aligned with the House Judiciary Committee’s the AG Act, and is a main component of the House immigration reform package to be considered next year. In addition, the Congressman supports the Silviculture Regulatory Consistency Act(HR 2026), which protects the forest industry from liability from storm water runoff under the Clean Water Act.  Congressman Crawford is also a co-sponsor of the Safe & Efficient Transportation Act(HR 612), which would allow greater flexibility in trucking options for producers in the forestry industry. As a member of the Agriculture Committee, the Congressman has focused his time on responsible agricultural policy and regulatory reform that will provide greater flexibility for producers nationwide.

“The forest industry is an important component of the Arkansas economy, and is an important provider of jobs and opportunity for Arkansans. However, over-regulation and intrusions from the federal government threaten to harm this important industry, choking growth while our fragile economy continues to recover. By supporting measures that will defend against regulatory overreach and provide access to reliable labor sources, I am working to ensure that these producers are given the chance to compete and succeed in the global marketplace.”

Thank you, Representative Crawford!

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