Urge Your Legislators to Support a “Forest Roads” Fix in the Farm Bill

Please send your message now!  The House-Senate conferees may act as soon as Wednesday, January 15!

The Issue: Since 1976, the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s administration of the Clean Water Act has classified run-off from forest road construction or other silvicultural activities as non-industrial, “non-point” pollution sources for the purpose of federal enforcement, in essence leaving the regulation of such discharge to state authorities, with reporting requirements to the federal government.  This regulatory system, in which states establish and monitor compliance with Best Management Practices for Water Quality, has been effective in controlling and reducing the impacts of forest practices on waterways.  This system is at risk.  It should be noted that logging and silviculture have never been major contributors to waterway impairment, either in absolute terms or in proportion to the size of the total U.S. forested area, as numerous studies have confirmed.

The terms of the Silviculture Regulatory Consistency Act (S 971 and HR 971) are included in the House version of the Farm Bill.  House and Senate conferees are now negotiating language for a final bill.  Please urge your House Member and two Senators to support inclusion of those important provisions, as included in the House version, without amendment, to give our current time-tested regulatory system—through state-run BMPs—the protection of statute.

The template below will display, for your review, a sample letter directed to your House member and your two Senators, based on your voting address.  You will have an opportunity to edit the letter to make any points you want to add, but if you wish you may send it unchanged, in the form displayed.  It’s as easy as clicking “send.”

For background and more information, please visit this link.

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